Introducing the Exclusive 10-hour Jet Card

With all the benefits of the Executive Jet Card

As a leader in our industry, flying with us is not just a flight; it is an experience. We strive to meet your every need with expertise and excellence so you can focus on what is important to you.

The 10-hour jet card is the perfect way to maximize your time this holiday season and soar through the holidays stress-free. Plus you will have access to all the benefits of the Executive Jet Card.

Benefits include:

365 day guaranteed availability, no limited calendar
Fly exclusively on PJS Certified Aircraft (top rated aircraft in the country) averaging just 6 years in age
Absolutely no interchange fee, no empty leg or dead-head fees
Your Jet Card gives you access in the US, Europe, and all other international travel
Locked rates for 12 months, funds never expire
10- Hour response time anywhere in the country, 96 hours call ahead on the 18 peak days
5% Round Trip efficiency discount
Simple, all-inclusive rates with no additional fees as you fly. No maintenance fees, no monthly management fees as you see with other programs. Simply wheels up to wheels down.

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