CEO talks importance of delivering value

PJS CEO Greg Raiff discusses the increase of revenue and growth of Private Jet Services despite years of economic downturn. In the Concord Monitor Job Interview article, Raiff discusses the importance of earning loyal customers and providing them the best value.

To illustrate his dedication, Raiff describes the impeccable planning put into flying an NHL team during the Stanley Cup from one intense, zealous hockey town to another.

PJS filed six different flight plans, two airplanes and four airports before deciding on the best fitting solution to ensure the team traveled under the radar and in a timely manner to arrive home well rested. This trip happened to be just over an hour, but Raiff reiterates the importance of providing the best value. “Even if that means losing money on a particular flight or spending an inordinate amount of time that you don’t get paid for, solving a project for them, it’s worth it in the long run.”

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