PJS CEO comments on innovative landing approach

CEO of PJS and aviation expert Greg Raiff comments on the advanced industry transformation from traditional stair-step landing to a more continuous approach, which could save hundreds of pounds in fuel. With sizable fuel savings each landing, the new approach features appealing benefits such as a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions and possible savings for the consumers. The Denver International Airport (DIA) now welcomes the innovative process.

Raiff states the importance of the FAA in this development, “Even if the airport rolls out, if the (air traffic control) doesn’t implement it, it does no good. I think it is up to the FAA to really push this thing through because you really need a national coordinated effort in order to make it work.”

Read the entire article at The Denver Post: http://www.denverpost.com/business/ci_23333350/denver-international-airport-starts-new-arrival-departures-nextgen