Ensuring safety

The news has been filled with business aviation safety concerns, so it seems appropriate we discuss what Private Jet Services (PJS) does to ensure your safety. 

Robert Sumwalt, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, said safety begins with leadership and he is exactly right. PJS employs a dedicated director of safety who proactively audits all operators and crews, leveraging all published and private resources including the NTSB, Flight Safety Foundation, and the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization.

PJS is dedicated to developing and adhering to safety management systems that delves into all facets of an operation looking for and mitigating risks. In addition to our own research, PJS receives detailed reports from Wyvern and ARG/US International, independent safety auditing agencies, whose experts audit business aviation companies, ensuring all safety standards and best practices are followed.

Only 10% of legal airlines meet PJS’ strict standards as we impose non-negotiable markers around a clean operating history, aircraft age, and liability insurance levels. All aircraft and pilots are pre-vetted using PJS’ stringent requirements, then re-vetted prior to every new engagement. Before you ever set foot on the aircraft, our in-house safety team examines the operator and supplement the liability insurance policies of the Air Carriers with a $500,000,000 liability policy of our own.