1. Can you find me a specific aircraft? or type of plane?

One of the biggest benefits of chartering an aircraft is the flexibility of being able to get exactly the plane you need to fit your very specific needs – whether you are traveling with 5 people or 50.  It’s important to look for a private jet charter company that has established relationships with a large number of operators that fly with a broad range of different aircraft types. Need a stylish executive jet one day and then a regional jet the next? No problem. Need a pet friendly aircraft with wifi? Coming right up.

  1. How flexible are you with a change in itinerary?

Just as you are able to get a very specific aircraft for your needs, you should also have the ability to change your travel plans at a moment’s notice. Unlike with a commercial airline that might charge you cancellation fees for swapping out your ticket, or might not have a seat available for a flight to a new destination at the drop of a hat, when you charter your own aircraft you should have the ability to go anywhere you want whenever you want. Make sure the charter company that you’re working with is able to be flexible with your travel plans and won’t charge you extra for it.

  1. Do you have a backup plan if something goes wrong with my flight?

Unpredictability is the nature of air travel. Bad weather rolls in, airplanes malfunction or pilots sometimes get sick. The best charter solutions provider will have a plan B (and plan C and D) in their back pocket for when the unexpected happens. That way, you’ll never be left stranded in an unfortunate circumstance.

  1. Who will be my point of contact?

You should have one point of contact that is responsible for your trip and planning your itinerary – no matter the size of your party. Having a single point of contact not only makes your life easier since it eliminates the need to deal with dozens of different vendors, but it means that the person planning your private jet charter is 100% familiar with every tiny detail of your trip.

  1. Will I be flying into/out of an FBO or a major airport? What’s the difference?

The majority of private air travel happens into and out of small FBO’s (fixed base operators) that operate on small independant airports and runways. The benefit of flying out of an FBO versus a commercial terminal is the lack of crowds, especially on busy travel days and holidays, and the speed at which you’ll be able to board your aircraft. There’s no line at check in, no security hassle, and no need to arrive two hours early. However, private aircrafts do have the ability to land and take off from major airports throughout the country, and often from their own private terminals.

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