At PJS, private jet safety is paramount.

To this end, we have developed a rigorous screening process before we entrust an operator to transport you. We pull data and information on a real time basis from several sources, and leverage decades’ long relationships with third parties to conduct safety audits.

Private Jet Services is unique as the only third party logistics firm in North America that flies its own staff on each and every FAR-121 program. In addition, no other firm has a full time Product & Safety team, staffed by industry veterans charged with ensuring each and every flight operates to the highest standards of care.

We only engage aircraft operated with the strictest safety standards. The regimented flight standards program of every air carrier is enhanced by our own background check on each aircraft and crew member. Before you take one step on board your flight, we have completed a thorough pre-flight inspection and interview ensuring the utmost comfort and safety.

Unyielding Safety Standards

Unlike other firms that force a predetermined private jet safety standard on their clients (or worse yet, have no standards at all), our clients have the freedom and flexibility to fly only with specifically-rated operators and equipment.

For example, for many clients, flying with ARG/US Gold operators is perfectly adequate. However, some clients demand an ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Wingman status, or other safety standards based on their level of comfort and sophistication.

At Private Jet Services, we maintain detailed account profiles for each client, documenting client-specific safety standards so we can present only the most relevant flight options to our clients.