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A Return To Normalcy & Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Four months into a new year and already so much has changed. Change that is agreeably for the better of the travel and hospitality industries working diligently to rise above it all and for those who are itching to travel again in support of their own business or personal pursuits.

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BLOG: Around The World With PJS — Turks & Caicos

Tucked away 575 miles southeast of Miami sits a string of 100 islands and cays full of exotic wonders, cerulean blue waters and a riveting culture dating back to 700 A.D. Only nine of these islands are inhabited, leaving room to explore and enjoy the serenity and untouched nature of

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Private Jet Cancelation

BLOG: Avoiding Private Jet Charter Cancelation 

Have you ever had your private jet charter canceled or diverted? Anyone who travels can relate to canceled or delayed flights. And if you never experienced a canceled flight before 2020, you likely have in the past year. On March 18, 2020, U.S. commercial airlines canceled approximately 11 percent of

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