A pressing need for an airline group charter flight

Samantha, a coordinator for a large humanitarian mission, needed to arrange travel for 125 volunteers to a small South American town. The volunteers were building a new school building and medical center for the underdeveloped area. The duration of the trip was dependent on how long construction took. This system was used to save costs and minimize disruption to the lives of the volunteers.

The lack of reliable transportation to the location was the main issue that Samantha had to overcome. Commercial flights connected in a city that was a nine-hour drive from the town, and only came in once a week. Additionally, the volunteers were located in several cities across the Midwest, including: St. Louis, Omaha, and Minneapolis. This presented a problem for Samantha, as it was company policy that any group leaving the United States would travel together. Due to the rigid schedules and limited availability of flights, commercial airlines were unable to accommodate this need.

Samantha reached out to Private Jet Services to examine an air charter solution.

Airline group charter flight options from PJS

As a response to these issues, PJS decided that an airline charter would be the best solution.

Private jets are accessible 24/7, would accommodate variable departure dates, and would eliminate volunteer time while waiting for the weekly commercial lift.

Due to it’s freedom from commercial regulations, a chartered jet had a greater variety of airports to choose from, and was able to land closer to the final destination, cutting post-flight land travel by two-thirds, when compared to the commercial flight.

In accordance with the organization’s policy, the volunteers were able to gather in one location and fly together. PJS was also able to provide excellent catering for the long flight which boosted volunteer energy and morale and allowed them to hit the ground running on their humanitarian project.

This solution thoroughly addressed all of Samantha’s needs and ensured that her trip was a success.