Boeing 737-300 VIP

Cabin Options

Regardless of which configuration makes sense for your project, your guests will enjoy roomy, luxurious, deeply-reclining premium seating with plentiful legroom, wide aisles, and power outlets for personal electronics.

Choose from the following configurations:

  • VIP all-first class configuration for 44 passengers
  • Premium standard class with up to 130 seats
  • Major cargo with capacity to transport up to 30,000 lbs


Premium meal service is entirely customizable with unlimited upscale options served by highly professional in-flight personnel. PJS will work with you to design a custom service plan that perfectly suits your group’s needs.

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 5
Max Distance: 2,500 nm (2,876 miles)

Cruising Speed

550 mph

Luggage Capacity

With 44 passengers: 12,500 lbs
With 130 passengers: 6,000 lbs
In cargo configuration: 30,000 lbs

Certified Ceiling




VIP Configuration

High Density Configuration