Boeing 737-800

Cabin Description

Boeing 737 is the world’s most reliable aircraft. For PJS clients, this means complete control of the schedule and access to a far wider range of airports than commercial airlines. Enjoy executive class meals and cabin service, as well as a uniquely customized experience catered precisely to fit each travel group’s needs. With six hours of range, and dependable comfort for groups from 100 to 170 passengers, the 737-800 is the perfect choice.

Cabin Dimensions

Length: 98’ 4”
Height: 7’ 3”
Width: 11’ 7”


170 Coach Seats or

16 First Class
129 Coach Seats

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 7
Max Distance: 3,350 nm

Cruising Speed

.81 Mach
543 mph

Luggage Capacity

1,592 cubic feet

Certified Ceiling