Private Jet Services Takes the Guesswork Out of Memberships with a Single Membership For Private Charters

PJS VIP charter memberships combined into a single, comprehensive offering Today, Private Jet Services (PJS) announces a simplified private aviation membership that provides new and existing clients with more flexibility and security, as well as a larger open-fleet of aircraft. After a year of uncertainty and complexities beyond anyone’s control, the PJS team saw the … Read more

Private Jet Services Group and Major League Soccer Partner to Bring 21 Players Stateside in Record Time Ahead of 2020 MLS Cup

In a process that typically requires up to two months of lead time, Private Jet Services (PJS) organized and executed a 30-flight plan to privately charter 21 international Major League Soccer (MLS) players to the United States in less than 14 days time. The project amassed more than 115 hours of flight time between 27 … Read more

Pjs Sources 8 Different Types of Aircraft for Cost-Effective, Safe & Streamlined Team Travel

Pjs Sources 8 Different Types of Aircraft for Cost-Effective

Every aspect of a team’s off-the-field preparation influences what happens on the field. A consultative approach is required to ensure that group accommodations and in-flight objectives can be met and that every tiny detail of the journey works toward the same goal – winning.  Private Jet Services (PJS) uses eight different types of aircraft to … Read more

Private Jet Services Expands Large Group Travel Division

Private Jet Services Expands Large Group Travel Division

With the recent partnership between Private Jet Services (PJS) and the LEAD1 Association, PJS has experienced an increase in demand for large group travel, outside of the collegiate sports industry.  In order to accommodate this demand, while continuing to provide clients with the customized solutions PJS is known for, PJS is proud to announce the … Read more

Private Team Air Travel Helps Improve College Athlete Performance

A study of Stanford basketball players reveals how getting more sleep improves athlete sprint times, shooting accuracy, vigor and physical and mental well-being during practices and games. Many of the world’s greatest athletes eat, sleep, breathe and live for their sport. But, in addition to physical conditioning and conscious eating, sleep plays a major role … Read more

Why Partnering With PJS Is A 'Winning' Decision

Long gone are the days of busing professional sports teams from one city to the next or flying athletes on regularly scheduled commercial flights. Now, private aviation charter is essential for teams to be transported and get the R&R needed in order to perform their best on game day. Private Jet Services understands how important … Read more

Who Flies With PJS?

Private Jet Services has a vast client base that stretches throughout the sports, entertainment, corporate, and government industries. Since its foundation in 2003, PJS has supported recording artists such as The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Beyoncé, Guns N’ Roses, and Fleetwood Mac, along with multiple professional and NCAA athletic teams. Altogether, our clients have won … Read more

4 Reasons Winning Sports Teams Charter Private Jets

We often say here at PJS that for those operating in a mission-critical business, the cost of not getting there far exceeds the price of a chartered flight. That’s why some of our best clients are professional and collegiate sports teams – missing a game due to a flight delay or cancellation could be disastrous … Read more