What Is An Empty Leg Flight And How To Book

Simply put, an empty leg, also known as an empty sector, is a scheduled flight without booked passengers. Operators open these flights last-minute for booking at a discount, typically anywhere from 50-75% off the original charter price to avoid flying without paying passengers. Empty legs occur for one of two reasons.  Another charter customer books … Read more

Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Botswana

Located right above South Africa, Botswana is at the top of PJS’ must-visit destinations. Covered mainly by the Kalahari Desert and interrupted by the Okavango Delta, visitors to Botswana will find deep lagoons, rugged hills and an abundance of African wildlife. This tranquil haven creates an unforgettable cultural experience bound to impress. Keep reading for … Read more

Not All Private Jet Providers Are Alike

By Matt Dubois – PJS Chief of Staff & Director of Safety  On-Demand Private Flying On-demand private jet service consultants have many benefits over the other methods of securing a private jet for air travel needs. The most valuable of these benefits is that consultancies possess greater industry expertise and awareness of the entire private … Read more

Top 4 Patriotic Destinations to Fly to With PJS

Only a few short weeks away from the U.S.’ biggest annual birthday bash and this year, we are expecting the celebration to be grander than ever to make up for lost time spent with friends and family and to rejoice in how far we have come in reopening the world. In honor of the 4th … Read more

Flying Private Ensures Preparedness For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. While the activity expected is not as high as 2020, forecasters predict a 60% chance of an above-normal 2021 hurricane season. Warmer atmospheres are also contributing to expanded storm reach and more flash floods in inland areas. Typically spanning from June 1 through November 30, PJS is committed to this long-haul … Read more

Leveraging A Private Aviation Consultancy To Navigate EU Summer Travel

The world is reopening. Most recently, we find ourselves standing by waiting on updates for the return of tourism travel to the EU. New information is circulating daily, making discerning truth from hearsay overwhelming.  When you fly privately with a consultancy like PJS, we help navigate ever-changing border updates and secure proper documentation before you … Read more

Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Rwanda

Situated in the heart of Africa lies a small country covered with rolling hillsides, remarkable wildlife and striking scenery. This breathtaking, tropical landscape is home to Rwanda, often referred to as “le pays de mille collines” or “land of a thousand hills.” Its beauty also lies within its people. Rwanda has been deemed one of … Read more

Private Aviation Supports The Comeback Of Cruising

In October of 2020, the CDC lifted its no-sail order, effectively allowing cruise operations to resume in North American waters. While European cruise lines have long been underway, albeit in a smaller capacity, U.S.-based cruise lines are only just beginning to announce reopening dates for this summer.  North American waters are open. However, many U.S.-based … Read more

BLOG: Sustaining Environmental Change From The 2020 Pandemic

The slowdown of human activity for the better part of 2020 brought us a glimpse of what could happen when we change our habits and reduce our carbon footprint.  Beginning early February 2020, air and car travel decreased significantly, meaning less fossil fuel production from vehicles. Businesses closed or operated with reduced hours, lowering carbon … Read more

BLOG: Flying Private Can Help Relieve Stress For Business Travelers

April is National Stress Awareness Month, an annual campaign that has been running since 1992 to bring awareness to and combat this physical, mental or emotional ailment that plagues so many lives. According to the American Institute of Stress, “33 percent of Americans live with extreme stress [and] 73 percent of people have stress that … Read more