COVID-19 How PJS is Protecting our Passengers

The outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly increased demand for private aircraft on every continent.  For both business and personal users of private aviation, the availability of aircraft, crew, and airspace will impact decisions until this crisis abates.  In our effort to ensure our community can continue to render fully informed decisions, we present some facts … Read more

11,550 People Safely Returned

Many governments, corporations, and colleges rely on PJS and our Emergency Response Program (ERP) to provide evacuation and relief services in the event of a natural disaster, epidemic or other unforeseen circumstance.  These organizations share a common sense of Duty of Care for their populations – citizens, employees, students and faculty alike. When the Coronavirus … Read more

Taking Care of Business

Safeguarding travelers wherever they are requires careful planning and the right mix of providers A steady stream of global headlines warning of hurricanes, earthquakes, political unrest, and widespread epidemics emphasize the importance of preplanning to ensure employees are taken out of harm’s way during emergencies. In fact, preplanning is part of what the travel industry … Read more

Top Places to go for 2020 M&I Trips

As 2020 begins to settle in, Meeting and Incentive agencies, as well as corporations, are partnering with Private Jet Services in planning for annual incentive trips to various luxury locations around the globe. Don’t miss out on these top trending locations for 2020, according to Conde Nast Traveler: Athens, Greece Famous for its art and … Read more

Top Corporate Travel Wellness Efforts are a Recipe for Private Aviation

Nearly 20 studies identify travel as exacerbating stress-related illnesses, but companies are increasing their creativity when it comes to their overall efforts to improve employee well being and reduce health costs by opting for private aviation.  Corporate wellness programs tied to lowering health care costs have grown into a $2 billion industry and have shifted … Read more

Lessons From the NHL About Cost Savings and Travel Efficiencies

College and professional sports teams leverage PJS’ expertise in group travel to efficiently move teams throughout an entire season. By identifying pain points, inefficiencies, expenditures, and cost-saving opportunities, we help teams maximize time- and cost-efficiency. PJS worked with the U.S. National Hockey League to identify challenges and establish a strategic team travel program to meet … Read more

More Airlines Commit to Carbon Offsets

In January, Private Jet Services (PJS) announced the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge and the commitment to offset 100% of the emissions from passenger flights. Since then many other airlines have pledged similar carbon offset programs, showing the increasingly important nature of being environmentally cautious. Delta, JetBlue, and United are among a few of the airlines … Read more

PJS Specializes in Complex Routing for Campaigns

As the march to Super Tuesday continues, Private Jet Services (PJS) is dedicated to providing unsurpassed aviation solutions no matter your affiliation. Since  2003, PJS has specialized in complex routing logistics working with the United States Secret Service (USSS), press outlets, campaign staff, airport authorities, and crew scheduling requirements, leapfrogging crews in anticipation of future … Read more

Book A Valentine’s Day Getaway Trip Today

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the PJS Concierge team has curated experiences to the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the world. Where will you spend the holiday?  Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany The inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Straight out of a fairytale, the 19th-century Romanesque palace sits on a rugged hillside above the village … Read more

A Consultative Approach to Emergency Response Planning

PJS Discusses Planning for Travel Emergencies 

Earthquakes, wildfires, political upheaval, and other disasters can strike without notice, greatly impacting the lives and livelihoods of thousands. Having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place allows companies to act quickly and efficiently when an event takes place, ensuring the safety of employees and minimizing the impact on business productivity. Whether employees are traveling … Read more