Why should an organization establish an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)?

According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the number of global natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and terrorist attacks is increasing dramatically. An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) allows your company to act quickly when an event takes place, ensuring the safety of traveling employees and minimizing the impact on business productivity.

Whether employees are traveling for business, or the organization operates multiple staffed locations, having an effective ERP for air transportation fulfils duty of care obligations and prepares organizations for future safety challenges.

Consider the following situations: 
  • Weather evacuation due to hurricane forecast,
    fire, flood, volcano, or earthquake
  • Unstable political climate such as military
    coup, contentious elections, financial crisis or market collapse
  • Labor strikes of air traffic controllers, airline workers or rail workers impacting travel
  • Terrorism threat
  • Transportation accident
  • Disease outbreak
  • Industrial accident
  • Public relations incident where secure, private transportation is needed
  • Individual injury or health problem that prevents return travel via commercial airline transport


An ERP allows for quick action when an emergency evacuation or air ambulance is needed in the case of natural disaster, medical emergency, or even a sudden change in political climate. PJS identifies all acceptable private aircraft available in specific areas of concern that meet our stringent safety standards. When risk is high, we arrange to have these aircraft on stand-by to ensure those in harm’s way can be evacuated as quickly as possible.

A well written Emergency Response Plan:
  • Details a communication plan to ensure the news is delivered to the right people in the right order
  • Limits public relations issues by having one contact for any outside inquiries and a prepared response for any others who may be called
  • Limits potential legal challenges and financial exposure by giving clear instruction of what to do or not do in given situations
  • Is updated frequently to ensure information is up to date
  • Is updated situationally when trips are planned to unusual or dangerous locales
  • Is communicated often to the appropriate employees and made available for easy reference when needed

PJS remains on stand-by for our clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Rest assured that we will provide support for emergencies where immediate transportation is required, including executing the transportation needed to remove individuals from dangerous situations. All flights arranged, no matter where they depart from, receive oversight from the PJS Safety Team. The team reviews all aircraft, flight crews, proposed routings, and airport facilities to ensure they meet PJS’ industry-leading safety standards.

We work directly with your representatives to determine the best approach to an unexpected situation, considering:

Quantity – How many passengers and family members are potentially impacted?

Location – What is the closest secure location to evacuate to?

Costs – What is the cost of a group evacuation or individual extraction vs bringing expertise or supplies to the affected area?

Stay or Go Decisions – Is it safer for individuals to stay in place for a period of time given the situation at hand?

Security – How can assets, such as facilities, equipment or staff, that remain in an affected area, be secured on the ground?

Continuity Planning – Which individuals and
assets should be moved and where they should be moved to?

Transporting Assistance to the area of impact   Are there security staff, first responders, specialists, insurance adjusters, journalists, or aid supplies in need of transport to face the hazard, assess damage, and protect assets in harm’s way?

Financial Planning

A proper continuity plan requires budgeting, which necessitates an understanding of the size of job, the types of aircraft and logistics needed, and plans for ideal contingency locations. PJS’ global strategic sourcing expertise ensures flawlessly planned programs and cost-effective execution if activation occurs.

PJS can help client organizations work with their insurers to determine the appropriate coverages for the client’s specific contingency planing needs. Implementing a comprehensive ERP may actually lower insurance costs while increasing coverage.

PJS ERP services ensure:

Preforming a thorough and customized needs-based assessment that reflects unique organizational risks i.e. regional weather, health concerns, and political climate.

Business continuity plan activation to inform management on how to react when forecasts include potentially hazardous situations for staff, families, or assets.

Communications planning for instances where loss of power, network or cellular occur.

Comprehensive logistics planning for all
recovery strategies.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) services provided by PJS to manage all logistics and facilitate communications around the clock.

When emergencies happen, PJS has the diverse experience and broad resources necessary to respond quickly to the specific event. Our 24-hour Flight Operations Center leverages a global network of employees and agents working in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as at home in the Americas.


The US Department of State is issuing more formal travel warnings and travel alerts than ever before. Concerns range from government instability and crime rates, to health concerns and disease control. It is unclear if the increase is only perceived, due to improved sharing of information globally, or if, in fact, the rate of significant events is growing. Regardless, PJS mitigation and preparedness strategies are custom-tailored for each client scenario.


A state university’s study abroad department was conducting research to add several new destinations to the program including Cuba, Turkey, Morocco, Singapore and Brazil. Program coordinators needed to identify the legal requirements for traveling to each of the new destinations, and determine which countries were best the candidates for expansion.


Per recommendation from the university’s athletic director, who uses PJS to coordinate sports team travel, the program coordinators contacted PJS for assistance. PJS recommended our ERP consultancy engagement with the following goals:

Define the documentation and eligibility requirements for each of the program’s
expansion countries

Define environmental conditions including political, health, and economic to address any challenges and identify solutions

Provide short-notice travel and contingency support in the case that individual students or
the entire group need to be moved due to any kind of emergency

Provide evacuation planning specific to each of
the expansion countries including activation protocols for the university’s senior and travel program management

Provide emergency situation communication plans for the university to use with traveling students

Provide single point of contact for flight coordination, contracting and payment for emergency and non-emergency travel

By using travel expertise provided by PJS,
the university was better prepared for program expansion decisions. The university expanded PJS engagement to cover the rest of the study abroad destinations.

Since implementation, PJS, on behalf of the university, has arranged both emergency and non-emergency movements of student groups, ranging from 25 to 275 passengers, traveling within Europe, South America, and Asia. The university can now access far more locales by utilizing destinations not served by commercial air service, greatly increasing the value of their study abroad program.

PJS Has Been Where You Want to Go

Our experienced aviation professionals act as an extension of our clients’ travel managers and corporate flight departments, using PJS logistics
to provide:

Knowledge regarding hard to navigate locales

Assistance with the company’s own
remote aircraft (AOG)

Local ground transportation options

An extra set of hands overseas

Contingency planning to prepare for possible emergency evacuations

Back up plans to ensure the group stays
on schedule

Supplemental lift


PJS is accustomed to servicing some of the most prominent political, sports, and entertainment figures in the world. Every PJS employee is bound by a confidentiality agreement which extends to every client interaction. Private Jet Services and all PJS employees have an affirmative obligation by contract to protect all information regarding our clients and their guests.

Insurance/risk management

All aircraft carry insurance above the industry standard for their class. PJS ensures that coverage is in place at all times and that client is named as an additional insured on the aircraft’s policy.


PJS partners with SentinelMed, the renowned aerospace travel medicine company owned and operated by board-certified physicians.

PJS provides 24/7 global access to aviation medical expertise. If special travel accomodations are required for individuals with unique medical needs, or emergency transport is required due to injury or illness, PJS clients are always covered. Services include pre-arranged inflight medical staffing and equipment, vaccination planning, guidance on location-specific medical threat avoidance, as well as delivering emergency aid to clients in remote locations.

Whether traveling for business exploration, adventure, diplomatic or humanitarian work, advance preparations are strongly recommended by world health organizations and travel bureaus. PJS and SentinelMed can provide contingency planning to ensure health and safety, and, if necessary, an expeditious exit.

Be Ready to Fly at a Moment’s Notice

We know the need to fly often pops up unexpectedly. PJS prepares for this by entering into a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with our corporate clients. This ensures all the legal and payment details are in place well in advance, allowing approved employees to book travel with just an email or phone call.

Each client’s legal and finance teams address the terms and conditions only once, and those terms will apply to every future flight. The BPA will specify the client’s designated representatives authorized to book individual trips. This process allows PJS to move quickly to secure the most appropriate aircraft for the company’s mission.