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Below are the details of the cost calculations for the Citation X cost savings example.

 Cost Break Down* Fractional Jet Charter 
Acquisition Cost $1, 350,000 $0
Monthly Management Fee $21,000 $0
Hourly Rate $2, 680 $6,300
Fuel Rate (varies monthly with fractional) $1,340 included
Hours 300 300
Years of Contract 3 0
Value Guaranteed at Contract End $323, 757 $0
Depreciation Rate 6.72% 0%
Taxes – 7.5% $248,400 $141,750

*Prices based on NetJets 100 hour, 3 year contract, on a 2003 serial number Citation X, signed June 2014. The prices reflected are a blended estimate of operators which we are contracted with. They are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. They do include Federal excise tax of 7.5%, but segment fees will be billed at $4.00 per passenger, per leg. These prices do not include items which are invoiced post-flight, such as – catering, de-icing, any wi-fi services used ground or satellite, and ground transposition, unless otherwise specified upfront in the charter quote.