The smarter, more efficient way to group travel.

Private Jet Services has been dedicated to providing aviation solutions for large groups for over 15 years. Specializing in large group travel, PJS delivers a level of service unmatched in the transportation industry. We accomplish this through our passion for aviation, proactive approach, bespoke product offerings, intuitive flight experience and obsessive attention to detail.

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Corporate Incentive Programs

Saving valuable time and extending the luxury travel experience.

PJS Meeting & Incentive Trips

Guests benefit by extending their experience to include the travel days. Your invited guests enjoy more time at the resort, and less time in congested airport terminals by boarding and disembarking through private aviation terminals (FBO’s). Check-in time is typically just one hour prior to departure.

PJS Meeting & Incentive Trips

Key executives appreciate delivering their most valued employees and guests back to their homes rested, rather than jet-lagged and exhausted from uncomfortable travel. End the event on the highest note and leave a long-lasting, positive impression. Flying with a large group may be more affordable than you think.



The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. What works for one group isn’t necessarily right for another group, nor should it be. Private Jet Services (PJS) offers a unique consultancy approach, using over fifteen years of experience to chart individualized solutions for each client. This method consistently delivers choice, value and peace of mind for a wide range of scenarios.


PJS performs over 1,000 corporate shuttle flights, moving over 30,000 passengers each year.
PJS understands that the success of our clients’ business is non-negotiable. We specialize in mission-critical projects that require a level of sophistication, service, and reliability rarely found in the airline industry.
Whether our clients’ projects require daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin, or a single movement of a high-value team, PJS has the experience, resources, and reputation for fault-tolerant delivery, critical to the success of any Managed Travel Program.
PJS operates corporate shuttle flights to 10 states in the US each week.


Save 1 hour and 40 minutes per arrival or departure by flying charter vs. commercial.
1.67 hours x 30 executives x 2 = 100 executive hours per round trip
Assuming a five-day shuttle, save 500 executive hours per week, or 24,000 executive hours per year.
Complementary FBO parking
Executives may self drive due to ease of travel, saving the cost of town cars.
Save on hotel overnights as executives may now return home after their evening meetings.
The per seat cost for the charter is less than the per seat commercial cost.



Being the only US aviation broker with a Director of Safety, Private Jet Services goes beyond FAA and legal requirements when sourcing aircraft for clients. PJS pre-vets all aircraft and crew before every engagement, providing peace of mind and contributing to a zero incident history.