Private air travel costs change with different options

The cost of private air travel varies greatly depending on the method used to acquire the plane. Choosing the best private aviation option can be difficult, but when all of the options are examined, the best answer is usually clear. Below are descriptions of the three main options available for private aviation: full ownership, fractional ownership, charter.

Full ownership of an aircraft is quite expensive, but the most prestigious. Ownership becomes especially burdensome when all of the related costs are considered. Monthly management fees, maintenance, pilot fees, hangar rental, and fuel surcharges are only some of the costs incurred. The benefits of full ownership are truly practical only for those who can readily absorb the massive cost and regularly use the aircraft.

Fractional ownership is similar to a traditional timeshare. By sharing the aircraft, time per year is limited to a set amount based on the percentage of ownership. Numerous blackout dates further limit the flexibility of this option. Cheaper than full ownership, the benefits of cost reduction are outweighed by the severe usage restrictions.

Charter provides flexibility and freedom not found with the other options. Factors that are limited by ownership options, such as blackout dates and maintenance issues, do not affect, as substitute planes are usually available. Another strength of charter is the ability to select the right plane for the trip as opposed to being tied to one plane model. Charter is also quick to book, and can usually be ready as fast as a fractionally owned plane. The main cost difference for charter is that it is pay as you go, and does not include fees or minimum usages.

What PJS adds to the benefit of private air travel cost

PJS will manage all aspects of the trip, from the minute you call us to the time when you safely reach your destination, and we are there for you every minute in between. We firmly believe that your trip should be stress-free.

Let us know and, we can find pet-friendly aircraft for your trip. Your family pet will travel with you like everyone else, and receive all the luxurious amenities that come with a private jet charter.

PJS can arrange custom catering for you and provide full meals upon request. With PJS’ remarkable in-flight catering, you can request any meal you want. Since we acquire the food from restaurants in the vicinity of the airport, and not traditional food suppliers, the cuisine is of a much higher quality.

To safeguard our clients we perform our own background checks on both the pilot and copilot for every flight we charter. We take comprehensive measures to ensure that the pilot and copilot have all the experience and skills necessary to make your flight as smooth as possible, including extensive flight experience and pristine safety records. These steps help ensure your safety no matter where in the world you choose to fly.

You will never face an unexpected issue on your own with our industry-exclusive Flight Concierge Service. Your Flight Concierge handles all aspects of your trip, ensuring that everything you need or requested is available for your use. For large group trips, they will travel with you on the plane to address any concerns you may have mid-flight and act as a resource to you.