Top three popular aviation solutions: jet cards, fractional ownership and charter. 

Jet Cards

Jet cards allow travelers to purchase hours aboard a private jet sold in 25 or 50 hour increments. The cardholder is given “exclusive” rights to use the plane and has flight time deducted from the card, like a debit card.

Many jet cards have blackout dates and “peak travel days” which are subject to additional charges. The cards also have an expiration date, further limiting their usefulness.

Fractional Ownership

With a fractional ownership plan, travelers purchase or lease shares of an airplane, much like a resort timeshare. Shares can be bought, leased, or sold and are normally treated as assets for tax purposes. These fractional owners are entitled to a limited amount of flight time on the plane (though owners are often flown on a different tail number in the fleet to avoid schedule conflicts).

Fractional owners usually pay a monthly maintenance fee and a hourly rate whenever they use the aircraft. Management fees, fuel surcharges and movement charges are increased in addition to hourly flight rates.

Jet Charter

Charter services provide the best value in private aviation. There is no need to try and anticipate future needs, charter allows travelers to select the perfect aircraft for each individual trip.

Charter does has no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Charter provides a level of flexibility and simplicity that both jet cards and fractional ownership do not.

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Private aviation charter with Privet Jet Services

• Access to premium, late-model jets in every category from all-coach configured to VIP airliners.

• A dedicated 24-hour account team, including a personal Flight Concierge.

• Safety standards customized for each client.

• Best-in-industry contingency management.

• No requirement to place funds on account in order to travel.

• Access to a customized online client portal.

We will fully manage the trip, from the minute you call us to the time when you safely reach your destination. And we are there for you every minute in between. We firmly believe that your trip should be stress-free and painless.