Los Angeles Private Jet Charter Flights

When traveling to California, the place to be is in L.A. As the largest city in California, Los Angeles is a bustling port, sprawling metropolis, has beautiful beaches and world class shopping. Whatever your walk of life, there is something for everyone in L.A. And when traveling to or from the city of Angels, what better way to arrive or depart than in the comfort of a chartered Los Angeles private jet?


  • Bypass the busy terminals and board your private jet as soon as you arrive.
  • In the confusion of larger airports your luggage can easily be lost or stolen. In a private jet, your luggage is never far from you and will never be misplaced.
  • Enjoy a quality meal that suits your desires instead of a bland meal designed to satisfy the masses.
  • Turn the cabin of your jet into a makeshift office while you travel.

Popular Private Jet Airports near Los Angeles:

Van Nuys Airport

Exclusively for the use of private jets, no commercial airlines fly into Van Nuys. Not having to contend with commercial planes when taking off will make an already short time on the ground even shorter. Van Nuys is designed to be highly efficient and provide the greatest convenience to its passengers.

Santa Monica Airport

This is a much smaller and less congested airport than the largely used LAX, yet is still located within the city limits. Flying into Santa Monica is a perfect option for those who want to be able to enjoy the city but with the option to get away if they desire. This airport is located nearer to the edge of the city and some of the beautiful Santa Monica State Parks.

Long Beach Airport

With very few commercial flights being permitted to land here this is predominantly a private flight airport. Flying into this airport will leave you right in the bustling heart of the city. A short drive to the south is this airports namesake, the beautiful Long Beach.

Common private jet flights to/from Los Angeles:

Los Angeles to New York Los Angeles to Maiquetia Los Angeles to London
Los Angeles to Milan Los Angeles to San Francisco Los Angeles to Chicago

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