New York City Private Jet Charter Flights

Due to its status as a hotspot for the fashion, entertainment and corporate world, NYC has earned it’s status as the “Epicenter of Private Aviation”. It is certainly a prime location for private jet flights, with good reason.

Though New York commercial flights are primarily serviced by the large JFK and Laguardia airports, there are four major private jet airports in the area surrounding NYC, all within a quick driving distance into the city. These airports will be less crowded than the busy commercial airports and will allow you to get to your final destination faster via private jet charter in New York.


Popular Airports near New York City:

Teterboro Airport

The most popular New York private jet airport, by far, Teterboro is located just 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan. Its weight limit of 100,000 pounds, means this airport is off limits to commercial traffic.

White Plains -Westchester County Airport

Serving the greater New York Metro area, White Plains – Westchester County Airport is located 33 miles north of Midtown Manhattan, on the New York and Connecticut state border. The airport handles flights from seven commercial airlines as well as New York private jet flights. Westchester County is becoming a popular destination for New York private jet traffic due to its relaxed atmosphere and easy commute from the city.

Farmingdale – Republic Airport

Located on Long Island, east of Manhattan, Farmingdale – Republic Airport, is home to a number of private jets available for charter, which means that you’ll save money by chartering out of this airport since you will avoid repositioning fees.

Islip – McArthur Airport

McArthur airport serves on average of 499 aircraft per day, with about 243 of those based at the airport. With a convenient location right in the middle of Long Island, about 67 miles from Montauk Point and 44 miles from Manhattan, Islip-McArthur Airport is a great choice for New York private jet charter.

Common private jet flights to/from New York City:

New York to Boston New York to Los Angeles New York to West Palm Beach
New York to Nice New York to Milan New York to London
New York to Pittsburgh New York to San Francisco New York to Houston

Other private jet destinations:

Boston Rome Nice
Pittsburgh Tel Aviv Los Angeles
Miami Milan Austin
Moscow Geneva London
San Francisco Paris Zurich