Is it safe?

Yes! Private Jet Services has developed a rigorous screening process before we entrust an operator to transport you. We pull data and information on a real time basis from several sources and leverage decades’ long relationships with third parties to conduct safety audits. We’ll do thorough pre-flight inspections and crew background checks before you ever step foot on an aircraft. We even have our very own full time Product and Safety team in-house, staffed by industry veterans – something no other private jet charter firm has.

Can you be flexible with my changing schedule?

Yes! Changing your itinerary on the spur of the moment is a luxury that only private jet travel can promise. When traveling with a private aircraft, you have the ability to literally change your destination an hour before takeoff. This means getting more out of your busy travel schedule.

Can I make specific requests about the type of aircraft or amenities?

Absolutely! You can design your trip to fit your specific needs. If you require a certain aircraft type, model year, or amenity just let us know and we’ll do our best to find your ideal aircraft.

What does it cost?

Contrary to popular belief, private jet charter isn’t just a flashy mode of transportation for the very elite traveler. It can often be an economical alternative to commercial airlines for group travel and corporate shuttle services. Depending on the number of passengers traveling, groups can save up to 25% off commercial airlines’ business class fares. A recent client, booking a round trip from Charlotte to Georgetown saved over $6,000 compared to commercial, and another client saved over $200,000 on their flight from New York to London.

How long before my flight should I arrive to the airport?

Say goodbye to arriving at the airport hours and hours before you’re scheduled to take off. When you fly privately, you’ll arrive just 30 minutes prior to your departure. You’ll skip the long lines at security and the check-in and walk directly out to your aircraft.

How many bags can I bring?

The only limit to how many bags you can bring is the airplane’s cargo capacity and the type of luggage you’re planning on carrying with you. Since this varies by aircraft, it’s best to talk with your Private Jet Services representative about the sizes and number of bags you intend to bring with you – especially if you have several large or oversized items like golf clubs, hunting gear, or surfboards.

Can I bring my pet?

Of course! We would never exclude your furry family members from traveling with you. Be sure to let your Private Jet Services representative know if your beloved companion will be traveling with you so that we may find a pet friendly aircraft. If traveling abroad, be sure to have completed the proper international paperwork and vaccinations so that your animal may enter the country.

How do I book a trip?

That’s the easy part. Simply fill out the form on the right and we’ll be in touch with you to get started.