Choose a private plane service for your air travel needs

Private plane service can make travel easy and stress-free. Private charter is an efficient solution for many different trips and has several distinct advantages over other styles of travel.

Private aviation is faster. With more airports and FBOs to utilize and no layovers or overnights, the trip is invariably quicker. Additionally, there is no airport wait time and security processes are significantly streamlined.

When you have the run of the cabin, you can use the time aboard the plane to do work, celebrate an event, spend time with family, or rest up for your arrival.

Traveling with a private plane service opens up opportunities that cannot be matched with other forms of travel. Private aviation offers comfort and luxury that make the experience aboard a truly unforgettable experience.

How does PJS provide great private plane service?

PJS will manage all aspects of the trip, from the minute you call us to the time when you safely reach your destination. We firmly believe that your trip should be stress-free.

Let us know, and we can find pet-friendly aircraft for your trip. Your family pet will travel with you like everyone else, and receive all the luxurious amenities that come with a private jet charter.

PJS can arrange custom catering for you and provide full meals upon request. With PJS’ remarkable in-flight catering, you can request any meal you want. Since we acquire the food from restaurants in the vicinity of the airport, and not traditional food suppliers, the cuisine is of a much higher quality.

To safeguard our clients we perform our own background checks on both the pilot and copilot for every flight we charter. We take comprehensive measures to ensure that the pilot and copilot have all the experience and skill necessary to make your flight as smooth as possible, including extensive flight experience and pristine safety records. These steps help ensure your safety no matter where in the world you choose to fly.

You will never face an unexpected issue on your own with our industry-exclusive Flight Concierge Service. Your Flight Concierge handles all aspects of your trip, ensuring that everything you need or requested is available for your use. For large group trips, they will travel with you on the plane to address any concerns you may have mid-flight and act as a resource to you.