The switch to travel agent charter services

Richard, owner of a small travel agency based in Jacksonville, found himself catering to high-class individuals. These clients were travelling to hard-to-reach destinations. Further, they expected more luxury and were becoming disinterested in his commercial options. When a commercial flight to a Caribbean island was unexpectedly cancelled and no replacement could be found, he lost the client. This caused Richard to seek alternate methods of securing travel for his clients.

One of Richard’s regular clients had mentioned to him that he was looking into private travel, because he was unwilling to put up with the chaos and delays of commercial airports. Richard reached out to PJS who provided him with a detailed overview of private aviation and his options, along with expert recommendations.

PJS’ recommendation for successful travel agent charter services

PJS quickly identified the three main issues confronting Richard and his travel agency.

  1. Clients were unhappy with the commercial travel solutions Richard was providing.

  2. Routes to the new, hard-to-reach destinations were difficult to find, and even harder to replace when cancelled.

  3. Clients were being lost due to the lack of reliability of Richard’s commercial travel options.

PJS examined the issues and came up with a variety of solutions, but recommended private jet charter as the most viable option. Charter is a more high-touch and dependable option that Richard could offer his wealthier clients, and provided more luxury than any other form of travel. This option increased Richard’s ability to cater to his clients’ needs.

Charter also has the unique ability to quickly and efficiently connect to hard-to-reach destinations. Private aircraft are able to use a greater selection of airports and often have access to areas that cannot be reached commercially. This eliminates Richard’s fear that cancelled flights will cause him to lose clients.

A long-term relationship with a charter company like Private Jet Services would allow Richard to cater to his clients increasingly diverse needs, while simultaneously saving him the headache of attempting to find his clients’ the best deals in an industry that he has no experience in.